Moore & Kearsley’s 12 principles for evaluating course design

  1. Good Structure_well defined+consistent
  2. Clear Objectives_suitable learning experiences
  3. Small Units_single instructional objective or activity
  4. Planned participation_opportunities for student interaction
  5. Completeness_commentaries, examples should be provided
  6. Repetition_Reinforce important ideas
  7. Synthesis_ Important ideas woven together
  8. Stimulation_varied formats, content, guest participation
  9. Variety_format and media, backgrounds, learning styes
  10. Open-ended_allow students to adapt the content to their own situations
  11. Feedback_regularon assignments and progress
  12. Continual (not continuous) evaluation_routinely assess the materials, media and instructional strategies through a variety of methods



Mc VAy Lynch, M., 2005, ‘The Online Educator’, London: Routledge (1st ed. 2002), extract from page 132, chapter: “Evaluating students and programs”

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