London School of Architecture


In September 2012 Will Hunter wrote this article and then, just a year after that, the London School of Architecture (LSA) was unveiled. Currently operating on diverse locations the school aspires to promote a new educational model where students enter one of the 45 collaborating practices from the first year of study (Inter-Practice Year) and continue to do so on the second (Proto-Practice Year) only even more intensively. By adjoining academia with practice, they aspire to “generate architectural proposals that respond to the challenges and opportunities of our times” and ” act as nimble agents of change within the capital city of London”.

I really believe there is something really innovative happening there ever since I first read about it. As I was glad to see Pete Buchanan join forces with this school. The series of articles he wrote under the title “The Big Rethink” published in Architectural Review over more than year have been key to my research. But I will return to P. Buchanan again in a while. In the meantime, this school is set to break the monotony of MArch degrees along with their high fees and their sometimes alienated views of the contemporary urban realities.

For more info: (excellent site by the way!)

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