ADDIE, OCL, CBL, CP, AD Teaching Methodologies


This is an interactive infographic. To see more detail on each of the five stages, click on each stage in the graphic
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The categorization follows Bate’s list in “Teaching in the Digital Era”


  • Analyze_all variable that need to be considered
  • Design_identify learning objectives, content & technology to be used
  • Develop_creation of content, copyright clearance, loading of content into a web site
  • Implement_deliver the course, support & assess students
  • Evaluate_get feedback and make changes where needed for next iteration


In this model students are encouraged and supported to work together WITH a teacher at a key role not as a fellow learner but as a link to the knowledge community. Learning is conceptual change.


In competency based learning learners develop skills by working with a mentor. This model attempts to help students escape the parameter of learning at the same time as others.


For Communities of Practice please check:


There is no single approach to this design. It means exposing students to less certain knowledge and providing them with the skills, practice and feedback to assess and evaluate the knowldge then apply to rreal world problems.

Bates states that: ” If ADDIE is a 100-piece orchestra, with a complex score and long rehearsals, then agile design is a jazz trio who get together for a single performance then break up until the next time”

Teaching in a Digital Age: Guidelines for Teaching and Learning – See more at:
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