Remembering Henri Bergson

Matter and Memory played a key role for me to the understanding of how human perception and memory, work. Back in 2012 when I was studying museum structures this book gave me an incredible insight to how we see and memorize objects.

(…) we have distinguished three processes, pure memory, memory-image and perception, of which none of them in fact, occurs apart from the others. Perception is never a mere contact of the mind with the object present; it is impregnated with memory-images which complete it as they interpret it. The memory-image, in its turn, partakes of the “pure memory”, which it begins to materialize, and of the perception in which it tends to embody itself: regarded from the latter point of view, it might be defined as nascent perception.

Bergson, H., (1991 [1908]), ‘Matter and Memory’, trans. by N. M. Paul and W. Scott Palmer, New York: Zone Books.

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