McNally’s & Mohamedi’s mindscapes

mcnally 03Emma McNally

This series of maps by McNally I recently bumped into really fascinated me. They also reminded me of another exhibition I was lucky to have seen last November at the Reina Sofia, the one devoted to Nasreen Mohamedi.

nm-gridungriddiagonaltocurveNasreen Mohamedi

Both of these women create their own universe of signs, a code of communicating event with simple lines and points and surfaces in black and white. McNally’s maps are active, a true representation of being where lines intersect and create noise. Mohamedi’s canvases of repetitive parallel lines are silent: they just create a rythm that implies existence in a more idealistic way. The transparency and accuracy of her designs are like a monastic exercise of self control and discipline whereas McNally’s are bruised and flawed by triviality.



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