Social Networked Virtual Design Studio


The Authors claim that after Web 2.0 technologies (such a s blogs) made their appearance social learning environments came to light as the next logical step in teaching Design Studio. So they used such tools in an arch studio unit of the third year at the Deakin University’s Bachelor programme. Their unit was hosted in, a platform that promotes the creation of social networks around specific fields of interest. Students/Users set up their own profiles where they could upload 8-10 min videos of their projects and exchange material.

Two design exercises were assigned to the students. The first one aimed at reconceptualizing the review process. Apart from the unit chair, a series of external evaluators were invited to the platform to review the projects in an international context. The second exercise sought the understand Social networking in the DS. So the site was allocated in Hong Kong. A virtual instructor provided information through skype. Video lectures were also delivered via skype. At the final review, all posters were transmitted in digital format followed by a live discussion between virtual and in situ members of the staff.

During this process students were able to interact online, outside of studio hours and therefore engage more in the course. The learning experience was integrated by video and sound features while the virtual agallery that was created by student projects allowed a comments and therefore direct feedback from academics, professionals and the general public.


Jeremy J. Ham from Deakin University, Geelong, Australia and Marc Aurel Schnabel from the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong, Web 2.0 virtual design studio: social networking as facilitator of design education, ARCHITECTURAL SCIENCE REVIEW 54 | 2011 | 108–116, doi:10.1080/00038628.2011.582369 #2011 Earthscan ISSN: 0003-8628 (print), 1758-9622 (online)


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