Design Conversations


  • Collaborative Conversations (CC): they are either discussions about concepts indirectly raleted to the design or the presentation of a resolved design solution, they have a predictable pattern where negotiation and moving actions do not combine. Discussions involve explaining and questioning while Presentations involve proposing.

  • Collaborative Ideation Loop (CI Loop): it is the most recognizable element of Design Conversation, it is called a loop because it repeats itself; frequently the one who sealed a loop with a decision making will initiate the next loop; at least two or more participants should be involved. Two types of loops: Immature and Mature. Immature Loops focus on securing design concepts, while Mature Loops focus on giving form to previously agreed general concepts

  • Collaborative Moving (CM): rapid ideation where a number of small decisions are being made on the sketch as it progresses. This kind of conversation accompanies the last stage of ideation before switching to another kind of design tool, which is different from illustrating a concept to better communicate it to a third party. As its name states, CM is collaborative.



Dorta, Th., Lesage, A., Di Bartolo, C., 2012, “Collaboration and Design Education through the Interconnected HIS: Immature vs. Mature CI Loops observed through Ethnography by Telepresence”, eCAADe 30, Vol. 2, pp 97-10

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