A short history of Architecture schools (in progress)


St. Luke Displaying a Painting of the Virgin by Guercino

  • Academia di San Luca, 1577, Rome: taught ‘l’arte del disegno’ a Vasari term, with theoretical lectures on geometry
  • Academie royale d’ architecture, 1671, France: ex-cathedra teaching
  • Ecole Politechnique, 1794, Paris, the firstserious attempt to overcome the gap between theory & practice. Alexander Tzonis states: “morning hourse were assigned to theory classes through lectures and the afternoon was dedicated to design exercises applying the theory taught in the morning (…) the formula proved to be naive and inadequate.”
  • MIT, 1865, Cambridge Massachusetts: first professor was William Robert Ware who later founded Columbia University



Tzonis, A., 2014, A framework for architectural education, Higher Education Press Limited Company, available here

Image available here

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