Laudrillard’s theory on learning


Laudrillard is for a “Conversational Framework” for Learning, one that promotes operation in levels: the discursive, theoretical, conceptual and the active, practical, experimental level. This is explicit to the diagram above which according to her is open to all sorts of educational technologies as well. In regard to ICT technologies in particular, she advocates for the more communicative tools that go beyond the traditional transmission activity, once again underlying the importance of dialogue.

She does, however, wander on how these technologies can even be adapted and managed by the academy. She proposes that such devices “grow organically”, thus they “begin life in the excitement of creativity and the intention of doing something different”. New designs can be based on these primary examples once they are considered generic. Thsi way, teachers could look around for what is already there and try minor alterations to see how these fit into their course instead of trying to invent something of their own.



Laudrillard, D., 2002, ‘Rethinking Teaching for the Knoweldge Society’, in EDUCAUSE Review, Vol 37, No. 1, pp. 16-25, full article available here

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