Leveraging Knowledge for 21st Century Teaching and Learning


Canada’s Social Sciences and Humanities Research Council has recently published a report on the future of learning as a result of is Imagining Canada’s Future initiative. According to their research, the new trends for learning are training for versatility and contributing to non linear issues. The report argues that:

  1. traditional teaching and learning are challenged in a technology-mediated environment
  2. new techs can increase the access to and flexibility of learning while also bridging the gap bteween knowledge and community
  3. teaching training, tools, flexibility and incentives support educators in these new approaches
  4. applying a diversity lens to teaching is integral to achieving successful learning outcomes
  5. a better understanding is needed on what constitutes “culturally relevant” programming and delivery methods.
  6. more research on experiential learning is needed to develop better pedagogical, curricular and educational policy.


Image available here

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