Key Word: Resilience


Today in Greece one school committe decided against the enrollment of refugee children. My newsfeed is full of related articles accompanied by the official document signed by the school’s parent association along with numerous comments by people frustrated by this racist resolution. And just as I was about to loose faith in humanity, I received this call by Eleni Myrivili, Chief Resilience Officer for the city of Athens. Her title may sound a bit peculiar but it seems that Athens has become a partner of 100RC (RC stands for Resilient Cities) an initiative between cities with refugees who have decided to work together in search of viable solutions.

Greek people are still bouncing between the cloud of their uncertainty in regard to the future of the refugees who are staying and the cloud of their unwillingness to change toward a newer model of society, one that makes room for the less fortunate even when there is not any. As Myrivili states, we don’t have any answers yet, but we do share a lot of questions with other people in similar conditions. And if we can share knowledge and experience maybe we can come up with real solutions. So the call is open and all are welcome to intervene. And that is always, the so much needed, good news of the day.


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