Virtual Design Studios


Bradform, Cheng and Kvan describe their impressions of a VDS realized in early 1994 between the University of Hong Kong, MIT, ETSAB Barcelona, Cornell University, Washington University of St Louis and UBC in Vancouver.

Authors describe VDS as an experimental environment for design education that allowed students to work collectively with colleagues from different cultures. Content was exchanged through a shared server. Communication mostly occurred via e-mail (asynchronous). Real time collaboration (synchronous) occurred less often via teleconferencing software and various interacting whiteboards.

The Virtual Design Studios main tools that were used were:

  • CAD
  • Internet
  • Teleconferencing
  • Whiteboards

The main problems noted were: lack of constant interactivity, student poor representational skills through digital media, lack of collaborative attitudes.



Bradford, J.W., Cheng, N., Kvan, Th., 1994, Virtual Design Studios_eCAADe Proceedings, available here

Image available here

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