Changing Relations between Science and Society


  • The Risk Society Thesis (Beck): a variant of post-industrialism, outgrowth of nuclear energy, production from ‘goods’ to ‘bads’, the manufacturing of uncertainties, need for reflexivity about the limits of science
  • Post-Normal Science (Ravetz): science and politics distinction is no longer valid, related to change from government to governance, rise of new fields of management, an inherent complexity in understanding risks, a need for policy-oriented risk assessment
  • New Mode of Knowledge Production (Gibbons et al): change in range and scope, market orientation, corporate control. university-industry collaboration, the state as strategist, blurring discursive boundaries, breaking down institutional borders, mixing skills and knowledge. Transdisciplinarity (mode 2): knowledge emerges from a particular context of application with its own distinct theoretical structures and research methods which may not be locatable in the prevailing disciplinary map.
  • From Science to Research-Constructivism (Latour)


References and Image: Andrew Jamison, Changing Contexts of Science. Slideshare Presentation

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