Self-regulated learning


SELF RG_triadic-analysis-of-srl-functioning-picture

Self-regulated learners are active participants in their own learning. This manifests:

  • metacognitively: they plan, set goals, organize, self-monitor, and self-evaluate
  • motivationally: they report high self-efficacy, self-attributions and intrinsic task interest
  • behaviorally: they select, structure and create environments that optimize learning

Def. Feature 01: Use of Self-Regulated Learning Strategies_SR Learners have an awareness of strategic relations between regulatory processes or responses and learning outcomes and they use these strategies to achieve their academic goals.

Def. Feature 02: Responsiveness to Self-Oriented Feedback_SR Learners share a ‘self-oriented’ feedback loop. They monitor the effectiveness of their learning methods or strategies

Def. Feature 03: Interdependent Motivational Processes_examines how and why students use a particular strategy or response ranging from external rewards or punishment to a global sense of self-esteem and self-actualization

The image illustrated above represents the triadic reciprocality, a proposed view of self-regulated learning that assumes reciprocal causation among three influence processes. According to social cognitive theorists, SR Learning is not determined merely by personal processes but also environmental and behavioral events in a reciprocal fashion. According to Bandura, these are not necessarily symmetrical.

Determinants of SR LEarning

  • personal influences (knowledge, metacognitive processes, golas and affect)
  • behavioral influences (self-observation, self-judgement, self-reaction)
  • environmental influences (enactive outcomes, mastery experiences, modelling, verbal persuasion, direct assistance, literary or other symbolic forms of information such as diagrams, pictures and formulas, structure of the learning context)



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