Complexity – Supercomplexity


unknown-ness/un-certainty due to: a. the pace of change/from the sheer multiplication of entities/pertinent evidence/relevant knowledge & the overload of information, b. a sense of an unknown world/ ignorance explosion, it is a radically unknowable world, c. internal changes/ personal sense of uncertainty, anxiety, fragility, chaos, destabilized world.

complexity speaks to a feature of systems such that the interactions between their elements are unclear, uncertain and unpredictable (…) not just an overload of entities that exhaust the resources available but a situation in which the very engagement with such set of entities is liable to set off a chain of incalculable events

supercomplexity challenges could never be resolved at least not in ways similar to those of complexity (…) open-textured questions that yield interpretations that are not just different but incompatible (…) university should engage with life-world challenges and thereby pedagogical challenges that arise from the age of supercomplexity as in “learning from an unknown future”



Barnett, R., 2004. Learning for an unknown future. In Higher Education Research and Development, Vol. 23, No. 3, August 2004.

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