Linkages between research and teaching

Classification of disciplines

  • BIGLAN: hard pure – soft pure – hard applied – soft applied
  • KOLB: abstract reflective – concrete reflective – abstract active – concrete active

Linkages between research and teaching:

  • In terms of CONTENT: the linkages are more difficult to enact in hard disciplines because of the more hierarchical and cumulative construction of knowledge
  • In terms of SOCIAL PROCESS: it is the other way around as students from hard disciplines often work with staff as part of their research
  • In terms of PROFESSIONAL ASSOCIATIONS: these bodies may influence the attitudes of staff and students towards research-teaching links, particularly where they accredit entry into the profession by controlling the curriculum



Healey, M., 2005. Linking research and teaching: exploring disciplinary spaces and the role of inquiry-based learning. In Barnett, R (ed) (2005) Reshaping the University: New Relationships between Research, Scholarship and Teaching. McGraw Hill / Open University Press, pp.67-78

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