Emoves Festival in Eindhoven will host AUJIK & STRP AR art installation


AUJIK is a group of artists who work with AI and AR to produce artefacts “that are a crossbreed of organic and synthetic entity.”

AUJIK was invited by STRP (ne of Europe’s largest indoor festivals in the field of technology and art) to work on an AR project for the EMOVES graffiti festival in Eindhoven. From 30/06/18 to 01/10/18 visitors at Strijp-S will have an immersive experience as a spectacular virtual layer will be displayed on top of the physical environment through smartphones.

For those of you who don’t already know, Strijp-S is the former Philips Factory in Eindhoven, NL. According to its official site:

Philips sold Strijp-S to Park Strijp Beheer in 2004. The buildings that were still in use by Philips were hired back. Since 2006, the redevelopment of Strijp-S became a very serious plan. The first buildings had been demolished and new activities came to the area, particularly the creative industries and the annual Dutch Design Week.


For those of you who are planning a trip in NL, don’t forget to visit!


Cover image from “Spatial Bodies” exhibition in Osaka is available here, Stijp-S image available here

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