ID Graph, E-Learning 3.0/ 1st draft


So, here I am, first attempt. I thought I’d show the complexity of being a. an architect, b. in Greece, c. during crisis. Graph shows a multiplicity of roles and some of their interconnections (dotted lines): for example freelance self-employment leads to a certain amount of knowledge in construction which leads to an educational position in building technology in two universities. Same thing for my PhD research on arch education which informs and is informed by the studios I’ve been teaching in NTUA etc.

Memo: color orange indicates roles; color blue indicates the institutions I have been involved with in the past 4 years (public sector galaxy); color green shows the courses I’ve been teaching and finally yellow color shows all the activities related to my PhD research and studio(private sector galaxy). Thicker lines show first degree/ direct affiliation, thinner lines show connections, dotted lines show mediated interconnections (causal). Vectors indicate what informs what (also causal). Blogging id is both yellow as a writing activity and orange as an autonomous role.

I used cacoo to draw this graph. I’ve discovered it recently and it stole my heart.

3 thoughts on “ID Graph, E-Learning 3.0/ 1st draft

  1. Thank you! I am currently using cacoo for my PhD presentation, it’s very easy and fun and you can connect each box through a url to a google doc or a google ppt file. This way you have the full graph showing the relations between entities along with other information aside that is activated only when you click on the relevant box.


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