2022 Media Architecture Award

I have had the honor and the pleasure of chairing this years Media Architecture Awards together with Levente Szabó, Matteo Costanzo and Edwin Heathcote. Together we viewed 76 buildings, 59 plans and 29 smaller scale projects and selected the 5 nominees for all three categories. Prizes were awarded to winners last Saturday. The ceremony was held in (the packed) Urania National Film Theatre.
Congratulations and a big applause to all nominees and winners and to the organizers of this amazing event:
Janos Pasztor, Hulesh Mate & Levente Borenich

Check winners here: https://epiteszforum.hu/a-vancza-muvek-epulete-es-ratgeber-laszlo-terve-nyerte-az-idei-media-epiteszeti-dijat

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