The man who flooded us with ideas

What a beautiful farewell text for someone whose ideas will stay with us for long. Martin Guinard mentions;

  • the notion that nothing is, by itself, either reducible or irreducible to anything else
  • the distinct tonality of the scientific and political/ legal modes of existence; also between three different types of aesthetics: scientific, artistic, and political [Scientific aesthetics, thanks to its instruments, allows knowledge of problems such as climate change to emerge. The artistic aesthetic allows the metabolizing of affects. Finally, political aesthetics allow us to gather and mobilize various stakeholders]
  • thinking in networks
  • the pinning of the Moderns dissociation between the territory where they live (common living spaces) and the territories they depend upon in order to live (notably the places from which they extract resources)
  • the marking of the end of the Great Divide between nature and culture, society and the individual, subjects and objects, facts and values

Read full text by Martin Guinard here | Photo available here

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