The Coahuila School of Architecture


The school was inaugurated in 2014 in one of the most degraded districts of Tijuana, a city at the borders of US and Mexico. The aim is to create the new generation of architects that will eventually regenerate this part of the city.

The Escuela Libre de Arquitectura initiative belongs to Jorce Gracia. There is a highly practical orientation to the study program as students often visit numerous sites under construction in the city. As a practicing architect Garcia had witnessed the difficulties young graduates face once they are out of school. So, he decided to reverse this situation by applying a hands on approach to as many educational processes as possible. Like he says:

“As architects, we should go directly to where the problems are, in regards to urbanism and social impact. Let’s see what happens when you build a school instead of a bar.”



Miranda, C., 2015, An architecture school rises in Tijuana’s red light zone, Los Angeles Times, full article available here

Sisson, P., 2015, New Architecture School Blooms in Tijuana’s Red Light District, Curbed, full article available here (image also available here)

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