Asimov’s prophecy


Excerpts from an interview at The Star, originally published Dec. 31, 1983

(…) Education, which must be revolutionized in the new world, will be revolutionized by the very agency that requires the revolution — the computer. Schools will undoubtedly still exist, but a good schoolteacher can do no better than to inspire curiosity which an interested student can then satisfy at home at the console of his computer outlet. There will be an opportunity finally for every youngster, and indeed, every person, to learn what he or she wants to learn,in his or her own time, at his or her own speed, in his or her own way.Education will become fun because it will bubble up from within and not be forced in from without.

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2 thoughts on “Asimov’s prophecy

  1. I notice that this quote from Asimov is dated 1983, but we are now in 2019 and I don’t see this revolution yet, so I wonder how much this can be a reality. He also seems to be confusing education with learning, which I don’t see as the same thing. And having been a school teacher for much of my career, I like to think that a teacher’s role is more complex than Asimov is suggesting. But I do agree that learners should have as much agency and autonomy as possible.
    Happy New Year, Olga.


    • I know what you mean Jenny, and perhaps you are right in thinking that we are not there yet. I am an optimist by nature and this is why I tend to focus on the things that are changing -maybe not at the rate Asimov had predicted-, but still… Happy new year to you too Jenny, always a pleasure talking to you! Keep in touch!


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